Our Mission

 Bio standups aims at Connecting Science, Biotechnology and Healthcare to improve the position and participation of Asia Biotech ecosystem globally through spreading the word. Bridging the gap between academia and Biotech industry to bring 21st century skills and standards to Asia from across the world.

The gender gap in science and Biotechnology is a global issue and need well-structured pipelines to maximize the number of lady individuals to feel motivated towards STEM. We believe it is time to act for the good will of future generation of Asian women to enrol their careers in science and biotechnology.

“Science Need Women”

What we offer

  1. Curated, fact based cutting edge day-to-day happenings of science and biotechnology around the world at your fingertips.
  2. Increase visibility of women experts, raising talents and biotech professionals from Asia
  3. Curated information on jobs, training programs and higher education opportunities
  4. Acts as a social tie to Biotechnology and Scientific ecosystem of Asia
  5. Improve the position and participation of Asia’s Biotech society

United, we can do astonishing things, Biostandups invites everybody to go along with this imperative exchange and stand unique. We need your support. If you think like us, please join us and be a part of good will to raise gender parity for women in science and education in Asia. Your support and encouragement is vital to us,  to motivate many of us to do best with their best skills.

Thank you for visiting our website.